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Crucial Facts about Radon Testing That You Must Know

Radon is a health threat and it might be impossible to see or smell but it can be present in the home you are purchasing, selling or constructing. Unless a professional home inspector performs certain tests, you will not know that it is present because you cannot see or smell radon. In this entire process of testing for radon, you need reliable results. Radon is usually present at the lower section of a building and therefore, it is recommendable to perform the tests that such area if you want to get accurate and reliable results. Testing takes some period, but it must be adequate, and you must organize an appropriate time for carrying out the tests. Usually, there is long-term testing and short period testing which takes roughly 48 hours without any form of interference.

Ensure that you hire a qualified home inspector to do the job because radon testing is a risky procedure. This is specialized testing equipment that most home inspectors are conversant with their use when testing radon in premises. You can get information on the latest radon testing equipment from state offices that deal with radon issues, and they will also inform you about the best testing methods that are applicable in different circumstances. You will realize that there are passive and active devices for testing radon. Passive devices do not require electricity to function, and they are; alpha-track detectors, electret ion chamber detectors, charcoal canister and charcoal liquid scintillation devices. Each method has special requirements, and all of them must be exposed to air in the home for a specified period. The next step is the laboratory testing which involves testing and analysis of the data collected. Passive radon testing devices are widely used because they are affordable and they can be used for long-term and short-term testing.

On the other hand, active testing devices are powered by electricity, and they include the use of continuous radon monitors and continuous working level monitors. These tools are useful for measuring and recording the presence of radon and their levels in the area in a fixed period. The active devices have more advanced features than the passive gadgets because they have a display unit which shows the fluctuation of radon levels in the apartment. In his report at the end of testing and analysis, the inspector will come up with detailed explanation on the variations. Interference is the primary challenge in testing radon, but some active devices are designed with features to minimize interference. The introduction of anti-interference devices come as a relief to many people because you are guaranteed of getting a reliable result, but the only disadvantage with them is that they are expensive.

The home inspector must be aware of the possible interference in radon testing and devise ways of minimizing them. He also needs to know how various factors influence radon results. Take your time to research and hire the best home inspector for radon testing.

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